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Car Sterilization Service

car sterilization

2DA MAX car care is a mobile car sterilization service that allows customers to get their vehicle professionally cleaned, disinfected and deodorized in a short amount of time. Our mission is to provide your customers with the best possible service at an affordable price. We are open during business hours to best serve your customers and ride-sharing operators.

A Proper Sterilization by Our Professional Detailers

At 2DA MAX CAR CARE, we provide an exceptional clean-to-board service the first time, every time. Our fast and effective service is now available online for regular customers and ride sharing operators.

Our car sterilization services are the perfect way to keep your ride-sharing business clean. We eliminate the spread of germs and contamination, eliminating the chances of poor reviews or even lawsuits. 

Our car sterilization service uses the latest technology to deliver a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of your vehicle. We’re certified and trained in the proper use of our unique and state-of-the-art car care equipment. We remove fastidious contaminants and impurities from the surfaces in your vehicle, leaving it looking brand new.

Tired of picking up a litre of spilled soda? No more stained seats, carpets and mats. Let 2DA Max Car Care provide you with a professionally serviced car that is super-clean and well maintained.

Our website provides a variety of services for the upkeep and care of vehicles. The goal is to offer comprehensive services, from car washing to car detailing and maintenance, behind-the-wheel sterilization, tire and wheel cleaning, interior disinfection services for cars without air-conditioning system, air conditioner cleaning and repair, among others.

We offer a wide variety of car cleaning and sterilization services, such as: Steam Cleaning ( Mobile car washing), Steam Cleaning/Drying (garage drying) and Biocides Application.

2DA MAX CAR BLEACHING SERVICES helps to prevent your car from bad odors and wet moldy areas. Let us clean and protect your car with our experienced cleaning staff.

2da max car care is a premium car sterilization service that offers regular customers, ride-sharing operators and homeowners a sanitary way to transport their belongings.

2da Max Car Care is the first and only mobile car cleaning service catering specifically to ride-sharing operators, their vehicles, and their passengers. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service at an affordable price. Our primary service areas include Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County.

With 2da Max Car Care, you can ensure that your car is always clean for every ride sharing trip. All you have to do is book an appointment and your car will be ready for pick up when you’re ready to go. We'll go over the details of your occasion with you and make sure to leave nothing out!

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