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Specialty Polishing And Protection

For The Vehicles That Need The Extra Touch
hellcat detailed
More Shine and Clarity For The WOW Factor

Most engine bays and interiors require a thorough cleaning and dressing of the rubber, plastic, or leather.

But if your vehicle needs extra attention because you’re entering it into a show, getting ready for a photoshoot, or just want to show it the extra care, this service will be for you.


You can make the painted surfaces of your engine bay or interior shine ever more with a polishing step.

For the engine bay, we’ll first, give it a thorough cleaning to make sure we remove all the loose debris/grime. After that is when the fun begins.


The small and intricate painted areas will be properly prepped with clay and a wax remover, then polished out by hand or with our 1” polisher.


The same process can be applied to your interior. We’ll clean off the dust and debris and then carefully polish it out.

Just like the paint on your car, if it’s clear-coated (and easily accessible), it can be compounded to remove the heavy swirls and scratches, then followed up with a polish for maximum gloss.


The aluminium parts will also be polished by hand to remove the water spots and oxidation.

The aluminium parts will also be polished by hand to remove the water spots and oxidation.

If you’d like, you can upgrade the sealant to a ceramic coating and get the benefit of durable and long-lasting protection for the painted surfaces.

Now your paint pieces, whether it’s the engine or interior, will be looking better than ever before!

Polishing FAQ
Will you remove parts to better polish?

At this time, we do not remove any parts from the vehicle that requires loosening or removing any bolts or screws. The only parts we remove are the panels that are only held down by tabs as those are meant to come off with ease.

Can you polish all the painted surfaces?

If the paint has a clear coat on it, we can polish it. If it’s painted but doesn’t have a clear coat, we aren’t able to polish it.

I have an old-school motor with a lot of exposed parts. Can you still clean it?

When we get engine bays like this, we don’t use a pressure washer or hose. We’ll use our steamer, towels, brushes, and water in a spray bottle so we can control where we spray. This will ensure we don’t get water where it’s not supposed to be.

Will you polish areas if I remove it?

Yes! If you’d like us to polish a certain part of the engine but we can’t readily access it, you can take off whatever parts needed for us to complete the job. For example: removing the front bumper to polish the intakes.

Can you remove scuff marks from plastic?

Generally speaking, there’s not much we can do as a detailer to make a significant difference in the appearance. We might be able to reduce some of it, but if a hard object hits the plastic or something similar to that, we won’t be able to make a major transformation on it.

Is there a difference between polishing paint and interior pieces?

As long as there’s a clear coat on a painted surface, whether that’s the exterior paint, parts of an engine pay, or on the interior of a car, it can be polished out!

Do you polish aluminum parts the same way as paint?

It’s a tad different. Instead of using a compound and polish, we’ll just one an aluminum polish to cut through all the haze and oxidation. Since a lot of the parts are rounded and intricate, we’ll do most of it by hand (depending on the size and location of it).

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